Shunkan Watching Enviously from Kikai Island...
Date: 1886
Shunkan was exiled to the barren island of Kikaigashima in the summer of 1177 with two confederates for conspiring against the shogun Taira no Kiyomori. The next year the shogun granted general amnesty to many. Two of Shunkan’s comrades were pardoned, but no word for Shunkan. As the two courtiers boarded the boat, Shunkan stood on the shore, pleading and beseeching until the ship was out of sight. Keyes mentiones that Shunkan’s hopes scatter like sea spray or a flock of gulls.
Publisher: Matsui Eikichi
Size: vertical ôban diptych
Condition: Excellent impresson, color and condition.
Sealed: Taiso
Inventory Number: YOT417