The story of Tamiya Bôtarô, from the series “New Selection of Eastern Brocade Pictures”.
Date: 1886
The boy Bôtarô watches his nurse Otsuji haul a bucket of water from the well. From the kabuki play “A Child’s Revenge”. The child will eventually avenge the death of his father once he reaches the age of 17. Note how attractive Otsuji seems and how sensual her pose is, although this story revolves around how steadfast and loyal she was to her charge.
Publisher: Tsunashima
Size: ôban diptych 36.3 x 49
Condition: Very good impression, color and condition. Scorch in one of the pumpkin leaves. First edition, with 3-colored cartouche. Untrimmed.
Sealed: Yoshitoshi
Inventory Number: YOT609