Sumo Wrestlers
Date: 1828-33
Two wrestlers square off in the round sumo ring. The name of the wrestler to the right is Hiodoshi (緋縅),“Crimson Threat”, and to the left is Iwatoyama (岩戸山), “Mt. Iwato”, and at far left is the name of the referee: 1st line, 行司=gyouji, sumo referee; 2nd line, 木村庄太郎=Kimura Shoutarou. From the writing on a similar print comes the info that this pair of rikishi appeared on 9 occasions from 1828 to 1833. In their matches against each other, Hiodoshi won all 5 times.
Size: ôban 26.8 x 39.3 cm
Condition: Very good impression, color and condition. Untrimmed sheet. Minor creases.
Sealed: Censor’s seal
Inventory Number: KUS337