Station Fujisawa, number 7
Date: ca. 1845
The 14th c. figure Oguri Hangan and his betrothed Princess Terute are often connected with Fujisawa. Oguri was once poisoned by a burglar in Kamakura. They fled, but his physical condition deteriorated until Princess Terute then pulled him along in a cart. Due to the blessing of the Kumano shrine deities, Oguri fully recovered from the poison. Here we see him proving his miraculous recovery by hoisting a rock above his head front of the sacred Kumano waterfall. We see the cart from the journey and Terute’s astonishment.
Publisher: Iseya Ichiemon
Size: ôban
Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition. Repaired wormage near margin. First state.
Inventory Number: KUY440